Mini: Fauxlag tutorial

This is a mini tutorial on how I prepare fauxlags using a wooden dowel and handpainted top (the fibre is maude&me Polwarth in the Stay Still colourway). I accidentally say “rolags” in the video. It’s fauxlags! I also show how I spin from them. Sorry if you can’t see much in the first part – if it’s really bad, let me know and I’ll try to record another version!

4 thoughts on “Mini: Fauxlag tutorial

  1. Watching this made me miss spinning so much! Spunky Eclectic was one of my favourite fiber shop. My favourite is the Burning Bush colourway… That is just gorgeous. Anyway, thanks for this video. Very interesting indeed and I will give this a try in the near future if I find a wheel here… I used to draft my fibers into one big fluffy ball and keep it on my lap as I spin. But that always gave me a backache. These small rolags look really handy and easy to work with.

    1. They are so quick and easy! Plus, since they are only small amounts of fibre, the spinning seems to just fly by, especially if you only have time to sit down and spin one or two rolags. :)

    1. Yes! It would, just make sure that your dowel (or tube) doesn’t have a circumference that’s larger than the staple length, you’d want some overlap of the fibres.

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